Thomas Decock: guitar
Anneleen Boehme: double bass
Simon Raman: drums

Raekrm is an ensemble led by vocalist/composer Lori van Gremberghe. The band consists of 4 young promising musicians of the Belgian scene. Their music combines soundscapes, poetry, songwriting, and more contemporary jazz structures all together with the main focus on the improvised aspect, that ties it all together into an organic musical landscape.

The first time they played together was in fall 2014. At the time they were focussing on music by composers such as Richie Beirach, Keith Jarret and Kenny Wheeler.

Shortly after that, Lori moved abroad to further her studies. From that time they existed under the name Nexus but didn’t have a lot of activity due to the long distance. As more of their own compositions became a part of the repertoire, the general band sound evolved as well. From the moment they recorded their EP in January 2017, they decided it was time to change their band name to Raekrm.

Even though influences of the music they started out with can be heard, their main inspiration comes from personal visions and reflections on life. The compositions and lyrics leave much space for interaction and interpretation for both musicians and listener. With the support of JazzLab Series and Ghent Jazz Festival Raekrm launched a succesfull crowdfundingcampaign to fund their debut album.

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Having years of experience in all kinds of musical contexts from solo- to bigband- to studiowork, Lori is capable to fit into any context easily. She’s frequently asked to feature, for writing lyrics to compositions, writing arrangements, accompanying on piano and providing vocals.